Broken Engagement Coaching

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Getting you through a broken engagement, a canceled wedding, and the pain of starting over.

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About My Coaching

After navigating my own broken engagement at 26, I have a deep desire to walk with others through the difficult experience of calling off their wedding and navigating the intricate emotions and logistics that that entails. When talking with family, friends, or even your therapist isn't enough (or isn't possible), sometimes you just need to talk to someone who's been there and who's made it through to the other side.

I am not here to tell you what the "right" choice is. Only you can determine that for yourself. But I know that you are likely carrying this worry on your own, feeling like you have no one you can confide in, feeling like you're drowning in uncertainty.

I can be a lifeline.

There's no ten-step plan or required reading. There's just me, knowing what you're going through, listening, supporting, and offering encouragement and guidance. And if you decide to or have already called if off, I can help you with the next steps of canceling your wedding with grace and starting on the road to healing.

I promise you that there is a big and beautiful life to be lived on the other side of this heartache. 



My engagement ended amicably though I still had lingering questions and doubt about myself. I had never felt so alone in my life. My best friend and lover was no longer there, and I truly felt lost. I approached Amanda to see if she had any words of wisdom to help me—and that decision was one of the best I made during that time. Amanda was able to help me figure out that even though I felt out of control, I could find purpose again and it would happen for me. I can’t thank her enough for that.
— C.S.

When my engagement was unexpectedly broken off by my ex, I was completely lost, confused, and desperately looking for answers. After reading and sifting through countless articles each day, I finally came across Amanda’s story. It was one of the few stories that really resonated with me and my situation. For the first time, I felt like I understood why this may have happened in the way that it did.

I spoke with Amanda, and her words gave me the peace I hadn’t been able to find previously. I was finally able to see things from a new and different perspective, and I was able to grow closer to the closure I had been searching for. Thank you, Amanda—for providing comfort in the chaos and being willing to open your heart up and helping others too!
— L.P.

If you are questioning whether or not to break off your engagement or you already have, Amanda is the perfect person to get coaching from! Breaking off an engagement can be a daunting and confusing time in your life. When I decided to break off my engagement, I didn’t know what to do next. Finding Amanda was the best thing that could have happened to me. It was helpful that she had been through the same thing. She is so nice, personable and understanding. She helped me to figure out how to move forward and gave me valuable tips, advice and coaching. Now, I am in a healthier place and have never felt so free! I have Amanda to thank for walking me through this tough time in my life.
— S.G.

Amanda was such a ray of light in helping me through the turmoil of ending my engagement. She was so compassionate, gave great insight and positive energy every time I spoke with her. I highly recommend her!
— A.N.

Four months after I broke off my engagement, I was still searching for ways to heal my broken heart. That’s when I stumbled upon Amanda’s story, and it was the first time I found someone in a similar situation to my own.

Amanda is great! She listens and asks important questions to help guide you to find the answers deep within and without judgement. Her inspirational recommendations also helped, and I really enjoyed our follow-up meetings. It was a marker for progress. Put yourself out there and do the work, and you will heal too, and I really think Amanda had a big part of this!
— E.N.

Coaching Services

I am based in the continental United States (CST), and I work with my clients over the phone or video conference. Our conversations are completely confidential.  

Sessions are $45/hour. 

My aim is not to tell you what to do or to pressure you to make any particular decision. I am a guide and a support for something that feels like an impossible choice. I am here to help you hear your own inner voice more clearly.

My main strengths lie in:

  • Talking through the fears or doubts you're having about your wedding/engagement

  • Giving you the confidence to speak your truth

  • Navigating the process of breaking up and calling off your wedding with grace and dignity

  • Starting on the road to healing and recovery

  • Guiding you through the deep inner work of reflecting on and learning from your ended relationship


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