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After navigating my own broken engagement at 25, I underwent a deep healing journey that ultimately brought me back to myself in a profound way. Letting go of that relationship and moving through that heartbreak was painful, but there was also incredible growth and discovery waiting there in that pain.

Now, several years later, I walk with others through their broken engagements and navigating the intricate emotions and logistics that that entails. When talking with family, friends, or even your therapist isn't enough (or isn't possible), sometimes you just need to talk to someone who's been there and who's made it through to the other side.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and education from St. Olaf College. I’ve worked as an educator for 6+ years, and I started coaching in 2017. In my coaching, I draw on elements of intuition, body awareness, radical self-care, ritual, and spirituality. I approach my coaching holistically, and I believe that your whole and beautifully complex self is uniquely equipped to carry you through this experience. I am here as a guide to walk alongside you as you do this work.