I'll Meet You in the Wreckage

If you are calling off a wedding and ending your engagement, it can feel like you are taking a sledgehammer to the framework of a life that you were just beginning to build. You look at all the work you put into choosing the floor plan and laying the foundation and gathering the supplies and nailing the beams together.

And then you willingly smash it all to pieces.

Who does that? You had the world set out before you: a partner, a home together, an impending wedding, a ring on your finger. And you’re going to just say no to all of that? Isn’t that what so many people would kill to have just a piece of?

Well, you’re doing it. You’ve already done it. And now you’re looking at the wreckage, the dismantling of that life by your own hands, and you feel overwhelming relief. But you also feel grief, loss, and a deep exhaustion from the thought of starting over again. And you ask yourself, “How did I let it go that far?”

And as you kneel in the mud and the mess of that torn-down life, broken and leveled completely, you ask the terrifying question:

“Now what?”

This is where I will meet you, dear heart. I’ll kneel next to you in the wreckage and take your hand. We’ll mourn the destruction of one life and dream up a stronger foundation for a better one. And while I can’t help you clean up the mess with my own hands, I will be there to help you plan and decide and forge a new way forward. This is where magic happens. This is where new growth springs up from the dirt. This is where new strength is made.

The ruin is just the beginning of something new.