Coaching Services

If you are still engaged and know you need to call it off, but you’re scared and unsure how to proceed, I can support you in:

  • Talking through the fears or doubts you’re having about your wedding/engagement

  • Helping you discover and speak your truth to your fiancé(e)

  • Navigating the process of breaking up and calling off your wedding with grace and dignity

If your engagement has recently ended, and you are struggling with how to move forward, I can support you in…

  • Starting on the road to healing and recovery with both tenderness and intentionality

  • Reflecting on and learning from your ended relationship

  • Getting clear on what you desire next for your life, in both the short term and long term

My aim is not to tell you what to do or to pressure you to make any particular decision. I am a guide and a support for something that feels like an impossible choice. I am here to help you hear your own inner voice more clearly.

I am based in the continental United States (CST), and I work with my clients over the phone. Our conversations are completely confidential.  

Sessions are $45/hour.