Consulting Session


You’ve already spoken with your fiancé(e) and ended things or you know that you need to and are unsure of how to even begin to do something like this.

The logistics of how to cancel a wedding and suddenly end all of this planning are overwhelming. Every person has a unique situation, but I can help you create a plan that aligns with your needs and values. We will discuss what needs to be done, decide how you want to proceed, and create an action plan to help you prioritize your steps. This time is tailored to you and your needs. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but taking time to talk about the process can help you proceed with grace and integrity through a difficult situation.

Some of the areas I can help you make a plan for are:

  • Canceling vendors

  • Telling the wedding guests

  • Selling your wedding dress/outfit

  • Returning gifts

  • Deciding how to deal with debt from the wedding

  • Moving out of a shared home

  • Clearing out old items from your ex

  • Planning how to spend your old wedding day

A consulting session is best if you are certain that this is the best path forward and you need some support in navigating the logistics of canceling a wedding. You’re capable of doing this on your own, but you’re dealing with a break up on top of everything (and a very public one at that). You may or may not have support from your bridal party or your family, but I have navigated these waters before and can offer you practical advice and help you get clear on the choices you want to make as you proceed.

Note: If you have postponed your wedding, but you are staying with your partner and wanting to work things out, I will likely not be the best coach for you. In that situation, I would highly recommend that you seek couples counseling instead of coaching or consulting services.