Rediscovering Your Expansive Heart

$180 for 3 sessions

The wedding has been canceled. Your relationship is over. But you feel overwhelmed by what’s next. The future you had been envisioning for yourself for so long is suddenly replaced with a void, and to be honest, the void terrifies you.

What were the parts of you that you stifled and suppressed while you were in this past relationship? In what ways did you diminish yourself or make yourself small? You have a chance to set a new course for yourself and reclaim these parts of your whole self that have been suffering from neglect. They never left you, they just need some nourishment and encouragement.

If you feel the potency of this period of heartbreak and reflection, but aren’t sure how to harness it, reclaiming sessions can help you navigate the murky waters with a little more clarity. I will help you sift through the some of the noise so that you can decide how you want to move forward with love and intention in your life.

In these sessions, we focus on healing with intention. Break ups are painful, but they are also an incredible opportunity to meet yourself more deeply. When we turn our ability for healing and nurturing on ourselves, we uncover an endless source of love.